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Could someone please add a few hours to the clock!  The last two weeks have been on a break-neck race pace-whew, calgon…are you there?  Anyhoo…all is good.  Just finished 177 cakeballs,updating the newsletter,writing lesson plans, cleaning house(that was not a pretty sight), developing catering bids, and the such.  Oh yeah, teaching Shakespeare to 11th graders has been interesting too.  Btw, Ebbonee was doing Shakespeare last week-she was Helena and it was hilarious!  Way to Go, Ebbonee!!!  I’m so proud of you!

Ramping up for yet another busy week…good, fulfulling, busy week!  Life is sweet and God is good 🙂  Enjoy the post below about NYC from last year.  Have a  great week and be on the look out for an upcoming drawing!

…from the archives (June 2008)

Hi ya’ll…it’s been a busy week getting ready for school and trying to take on yet another project: getting in shape-ugh!!!  this post has interesting scenes from the week.  I hear good things are still happening at the Anahuac Farmer’s Market; hoorah!!  

About my new project:  I tried a cardio class, (a basic high impact aerobics), and was fine for the most part…you know, not too much soreness or dizziness from inability to breath.  Well, you know me, I’m not always happy with easy.  So, I tried a tad more challenging class at the Warrior Fitness Bootcamp.  The name alone should’ve rang a few bells in my head.  Oh no, not me…I thought I could take it in stride-huge mistake…especially the day before my class starts.  When I say it was hell, that’s what I mean.  It’s truly run by 2 ex marines and they really do holler at you if you start slacking.  I tried to explain that I looked like a giraffe trying to dance but they didn’t care…”keep moving Lori” is all they yelled.  We did everything from push ups, climbing walls, on to running (not jogging) 8 flights of stairs.  However, even though I’m still extremely sore 2 days later, it honestly was a great workout!  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually get in shape?!

warrior fitness bootcamp warrior fitness bootcamp


With the attitude of trying to get in shape, I’ve started a new policy on sweets.  If I want something sweet, I have to go out and get it, which means alot of walking.  No big deal around here, right?  Well, I had recently read an article on NYC’s best chocolate chip cookies being Jacques Torres’.  Just happens that he has a shop in Brooklyn 🙂  So, being true to my new policy, I walked to his bakery for one.  Now, the bakery is in a differnt area of Brooklyn and was about an hour’s walk; one way.  Just as I am about 25 steps from the bakery, a tour bus unloads around 30 senior citizens and they ALL go into the shop that I’ve just walked an hour to get to.   As I’m in line for the coveted chocolate chip cookie, I’m praying there is one left for me.  Well, God is good, there were 3 left and I bought 2 of them! 

Update on school:  game is on!  Class started last night and we sliced & diced veggies until they were the “perfect” shape and size.  I think I’m getting in touch with my french heritage with all the mirepoix, jardiniere, sautier, a`l’tuve’, etc lingo thrown at me; lovin it!  Next time you’re in the kitchen, try dicing a turnip into pieces smaller than a tic tac-then you can say you’ve mastered the method called bruniose (broon-wahz)!! 

) “1st day of school” (dorky, I know)


balcony with richard gere balcony with richard gere


This week Richard Gere , was in the neighborhood filming a new movie…kind of cool!  He was on the balcony of a brownstone 2 blocks from my apt.  I didn’t get to see him, but the Paramount crews told me what was up.  It was obvious something was with the crew trucks/vehicles taking up almost 2 blocks. 



food tents for movie crew food tents for movie crew


someone having a bad day in manhattan someone having a bad day in manhattan


more creativitycreativity


The pics this week are from both my neighborhood and the city(manhattan).  


Never give up hope and practice random acts of kindness.

Love ya,


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