Pollen, Pesto, and Posting

Spring has arrived along with all things springy…pesky pollen,  lovely luncheons, and spring postings.   People around my neck of the woods are  struggling to breath, our vehicles have a fine yellowish-greenish powdery tint on them, and my oak trees are dropping pollen so fast that it looks like a light rain…I am not kidding.  The wind is blowing pollen, leaves and “stuff” all around.   I finally decided to clean off the piles, literally piles of pollen from the drive. The yard got mowed today too…so now my neighbors can  sleep well since my yard is no longer the neighborhood nuisance.   Sorry, D., been super busy.  Not to sound as if I am hatin’ on Spring…the azaleas have been showing off with their amazing bright, gorgeous colors!  Some are so big and beautiful, they take my breath away.  It’s always sad to see them stop blooming. 🙁  Thank you, God, for making gorgeous azaleas.  They are delightful 🙂

Yesterday in my preschool cooking class, we talked and cooked about spring.  At circle time, as we were discussing the spring weather outside,  two students said, (with great excitement and using their hands to form rain falling), “it’s blowing little things in the air”. Then we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, explored outside for signs of spring, sequenced pictures of budding branches, cooked cheesy cocoons and made butterfly bites.  My camera, well actually mom’s camera, wouldn’t cooperate so unfortunately I don’t have any adorable pictures of their culinary masterpieces to share with you.  Boo!  One day, I’m going to buy a real camera and give my phone camera a break.  I documented a year in NYC on my Blackberry.  How’s that for professional photography!

Back to the story.  Yesterday before class, I had a brainstorm of what to do with leftover fresh spinach I had from catering a luncheon over the the weekend: make spinach pesto! 

I love pesto, so I gathered all the goodies and got busy.  Ended up making 6 jars of it, yep 6 jars.  Gave 4 away and am hoarding the other 2. I make mine thick so I have options.  I love having options;   using it as a sandwich spread instead of mayo or adding a little cream or milk to thin it out for a sauce.  Add pasta and presto: you have pasta with pesto sauce!!


Click here if you want to make this lovely, easy version: Spinach Pesto


Spring Postings are happening all over the blogosphere.  I’m hearing about strawberries, homemade mint ice cream, rhubarb, spring peas, and gardening.  Everyone seems to be having a severe case of Spring Fever!  I say,  bring on the warm weather, allergy medicine, flowers, garden goodies and let’s celebrate the season! 

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