How to Chop Fresh Herbs

I always enjoy teaching kids about fresh herbs in our cooking classes.  We play a game where they have to smell an herb and tell what first pops into their mind.  Maybe the smell reminds them of a food, a restaurant, a person, place or thing?!  I’ve heard some very interesting things, like grass, my dad,  and my grandma’s pasta dish.  We call the game, “Smell & Tell”.  You should try it, it’s fun aaaannnndd funny! 🙂

So, today I thought I would do a quick lesson for the blog students on how to chop fresh herbs.   I used fresh rosemary for this lesson.

Someone needs to send me a new cutting board. Please?

Pretend your pile of herbs are in the center of a clock.  That will help you understand where to place the tip of your knife.


piv·ot (piv-uht) -from
1. a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something rests and turns, or upon and about which something rotates.

2. the end of a shaft or arbor, resting and turning in a bearing.

3. anything or person on which something or someone functions or depends vitally: “he is the pivot of my live.”

4. the person in a line, as of troops on parade, whom the others use a point about which to wheel or maneuver.

5. a whirling about on one foot.

Ok kids, we’re going with definition #1.


Please go slow, this is not Iron Chef.  Thank you.

You should be constantly moving your knife while chopping and pivoting.

Tah-dah- finely chopped rosemary!  In a few days, I will post a recipe using finely chopped rosemary.  Stay tuned, team.

Happy Cooking!

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