Creamy Dreamy Hot Potato Soup

One potato, two potato, three potato four; after you make this, you’re gonna want some more.  Okay, let’s get serious.  It’s winter time, it gets dark early and seems like alot of people have had the flu lately.  No better time for soup than this; It’s Soup Season!

This easy peasy cheesy potato soup is perfect to warm your tummy.  Make a big pot and you will be famous!  Trust me on this.

Let’s get cooking!

For the cheese, I used Vermont White Cheddar from HEB.  You can use any brand, just make sure it is real! OK?

Good opportunity to practice your knife skills.  Go slow and focus.  The slower you go, the more control you have.  Chop, chop, chop.

I like to place a piece of wax paper underneath to catch the peels.  Makes for a snappy quick clean up!

After you peel, then you chop.

Don’t fill the pot all the way to the top, that will take longer to cook.  Put enough water to cover just about an inch above the potatoes.

Grating is fun to do but be careful, please.  One hand tightly holding the grater and the other hand holding the food.  Make sure your knuckles aren’t too close to the grater. It is a sharp object and you really don’t want any grated fingers in your soup.

Ahhh, the power of cheese!

Knife went in easy…potatoes are done.

Be sure to use potholders to carry the pot to the sink or have an adult help you.

Use about 2-3 Tablespoons of oil for 1 cup of onion.

Don’t walk away because your onions will burn.  You don’t want them too brown.  Why? Because it will make your soup brown.  Brown Potato Soup is not cool.

looking good

Cook it just for a few minutes so the broth flavor can soak into the potatoes.  That will give your soup fabulous flavor.

The electric hand blender is also called an emersion blender.  If you don’t have one, it’s a great thing to put on your birthday or Christmas wish list.  They are fun to use!

These are fun too 🙂

keep blending

Mine was a little too thick so I added a splash more of chicken broth.

Cheese, it’s a superfood.

Oh my goodness, this is looking really good!

But does it taste good?  This is where you taste it and add a little salt if you think it needs it.  Looks aren’t everything. 🙂  You can also add a little white pepper if you want to. I didn’t, but you can.

Behold: Creamy, Dreamy Hot Potato Soup.  Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, good!

Happy Cooking!



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