Pumpkin Pie Parfait

It’s Pumpkin Season; let’s celebrate!

Here’s an easy, kid friendly, healthy version of pumpkin pie.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

A parfait is a layered dish, usually a dessert.

This parfait has three main parts:

1. pumpkin mixture (pumpkin puree, yogurt, spices, and maple syrup)
2. gingersnap cookies
3. whipped topping

Step 1:  Add yogurt to a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add pumpkin puree

Step 3:  Add spices and maple syrup

Step 4:  Whisk it all together until smooth and creamy.

Taste and see if it needs more pumpkin, spice, maple syrup…it’s up to you.  Add a little more of whatever you think it needs.  I added more pumpkin and spices and then it was just right!

Step 5: Crush a few gingersnaps

Step 6: Assemble the parfait:

pumpkin mixture

then some crushed gingersnaps

and then some of your whipped topping

Using the back of your spoon, kind of spread the whipped topping so that it covers most of the gingersnaps.

That is the first layer in your parfait, congratulations!  You’re almost finished.

Now, repeat the layers.

1. pumpkin mixture
2. crushed gingersnaps
3. whipped topping

Tah-dah!  Now you’ve made a lovely Pumpkin Pie Parfait.

Did you catch the alliteration? p,p,p

Would love to hear from you, so leave a comment if you have a minute 🙂

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