Happy Birthday, America!

A is for America, the land that we love.

B is for Birthday, of our great nation.

C is for Constitution and Cheesecake, a perfect American Birthday treat to celebrate the Constitution that binds us together.

Here’s a yummy treat to make for your July 4th celebration: New York Cherry Cheesecake Parfait!

First, pick off the stems of fresh cherries

You can use either a cherry pitter or a piping tip to remove the pits (which are like seeds)

Put the pitted cherries into a small pot and sprinkle a little sugar on them.

Cook the cherries on medium heat for about 6-7 minutes until they are bubbly.

Put softened cream cheese into a mixing bowl.

Add sour cream to the cream cheese

Then a little sugar

And some vanilla and whisk everything together until it is creamy.

Put a few vanilla wafers (or graham crackers) into a ziploc baggie and crush with your hand to make cookie crumbs.

Now comes the fun part…putting it all together!

Add some of your scrumptious cherry mixture to a small glass or bowl

Then add a little of the cream cheese mixture

Cookie Crumbs go in next…

Next are the beautiful blueberries.  Then repeat the pattern.

Cherries, Cream Cheese Mixture, Cookie Crumbs, Blueberries.

What do you get?  A New York Cherry Cheesecake Parfait…a yummy way to enjoy celebrating the Red, White, and Blue!

Happy Birthday, America! America!

God shed His grace on thee

And crown thy good

With brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!



















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