Make these for Teacher Appreciation Week

Last Fall we made these scrumptious truffles in class.
This Spring, make them as a really nice gift for Teacher Appreciation Week.

It’s a hands-on, chocolatey fun project the kids can make; A Friday Night Family Fun project!

Teachers love chocolate, trust me on this.

Start with chocolate chips (we used semi-sweet but you can use milk, dark or whatever you like)

1 1/3 cups

heavy whipping cream comes next…

1/3 cup of this wonderful gift to the food world.

pour it into a small saucepan and turn the heat to medium-high

heat it until it just begins to have small bubbles; just to a boil

remove pot from the heat, turn the burner off and then add the chocolate chips

let the chocolate sit in the hot cream for about 3-4 minutes

then whisk the chocolate and cream together

keep whisking

whisk until smooth

then pour into a shallow dish

stick it in the refrigerator for at least an hour or until it is firm

the picture below is right before I put it in the fridge

here it is about an hour later

using a teaspoon, scoop out some of the chocolate (it will be firm, so dig in)

form the scooped chocolate into a roundish shape; it doesn’t have to be perfectly round!

using your palms (not your fingers), roll into roundish shapes

keep shaping and rolling…this is the fun part!

now it’s time to dust them with powdered sugar

put them all on a handy dandy plate and serve them on Family Fun Night!

or you could put them in a small fancy schmancy box,

tie a ribbon on it,

and give it to your favorite teacher.

 This will definitely make them happy and let them know you love and appreciate them!

Food is meant to be shared…spread the love and chocolate!

Happy Cooking,


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