Eating Heart Healthy Food; hmph…how?

I’ve always been the one at the table to add salt to everything.  Seems like I cannot get enough, ever.  So when I was in culinary school and had to present my first dish to the revered chef instructor, the one thing I knew I would be spot on was the seasoning.  Not so much.  Thinking my high tolerant salt palate would be in tune, I was shockingly surprised to hear, “it needs more salt”!  The French are kind of crazy about their salt and butter (but I still love them-the French and the salt&butter).

Even though I am a saltaholic, there is a time when we choose or are forced to lower the amount of salt we eat.  It’s kind of like living on a budget.  Use salt sparingly most of the time so you can enjoy dinner-out night without all the guilt. 

But how do I lower the salt?

The easiest and quickest way to lower the salt is to stay far, far away from processed food and sodas, especially diet sodas! they are the worst!  If you don’t believe me, just read labels-that’ll get your attention.

The second thing I would recommend is to use these flavor boosters in place of salt or cut back gradually.  It really is about training your palate, sweet or salty.

  • lemons: juice and zest. when i eat out, i squirt lemon juice on my salad instead of it floating in a dressing that’s loaded with salt, calories and things I cannot pronounce.
  • sour cream or yogurt (a tangy burst of flavor)
  • fresh herbs-the best way to add flavor
  • butter (unsalted)- flavor powerhouse
  • spices-flavor without the sodium.

The last bit of advice would be to cook and grow your own food as much as possible.  You’ll know exactly what’s in it and that is a very good thing!


Salt is not a bad thing and neither is sugar.  It’s just the amount that we consume on a daily basis…that is where the problem lies. 

Read labels. 

Cook at home. 

Eat real food. 

I’m just saying…

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