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From small town Texas to the Big Apple, thought it would be fun to share (and reshare for some) my journey.  Tune in here, to this very blog each Sunday afternoon for a peek into the Great Adventure!  I must say, I miss that crazy place. 

Love and Butter,
Lori 🙂

See Ya Later Alligator (from 6-21-2008),

Famous last words from Anahuac folks.  My time at home is dwindling and saying goodbye is never easy, so I’m not saying goodbye; just see ya later, alligator! 

Yesterday, I mailed all my stuff which was quite interesting.  Have you ever mailed luggage thru the post office?  The luggage is so heavy, but thank goodness, a very special person (no names, Kevin) happened to show up and saved the day. Then Ruth Ann took over and she is such a champ; she was very patient with me as I kept on taping my box of shoes…what would I do if I lost all those shoes?  When she asked me if I had labels for all those pieces of luggage, I said, “no, I’ve never mailed luggage before”…she just laughed and went to the back to find something to make tags out of; she’s great and took care of me as usual. 

My last few days have been interesting, I’ve been housesitting for friends who are on vacation; sorting thru what to bring vs what to leave; visiting friends & family; and eating all the Mexican food I can take. 

I’ve also spent every possible minute outside and driving all the backroads, soaking up the scenery, knowing my new scenery will be quite different.  I also go barefooted on any grass I find…I think of it as a natural spa treatment or what we in the country call :  “the good life” 🙂

Speaking about driving reminds me of gas prices; my gas bill will go from about $450/mth to $81/mth-woohoo for subways!!

I visited the farmer’s market this morning and got to say “see ya later” to all the local vendors…there were 2 new vendors today with homemade jams, pies and relishes; yummo! 

I’ll spend my next few days hanging out with friends and family, while I wait for Thursday morning. 

Someone recently asked me for parting words; here they are:

I’m going to painfully miss my family and friends, Nopalitos, and the Anahuac Dollar Store: the things that kept me going day in and day out!

Keep me in your prayers and stay tuned for more adventure news…

Love ya & God’s Blessings,

Lori 🙂

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