Know what’s in your food

Dead food.  That’s what dad said.  He was standing in the produce aisle, looking at all the “perfectly” shaped and colored fruits and vegetables.  After years of research, soul searching, backyard farming and remembering his childhood, (the good old days), when food was grown at home, fresh and full of flavor; he had become passionate about confronting the political BS that controls our food supply.  He had a saying that if it’s government controlled, it’s probably not good for you.   He was the first and most influential person to make me aware of the problems with our current food supply.  That was over 10 years ago. (he was always ahead of his time J)   I’ll never forget one afternoon as we were driving home from a long trip, tired and hungry, dad calls and said he just read a report about genetically engineered corn.  He went on to say how commercially grown corn was laden with pesticides and chemicals and it was being used as feed for commercial meat producers.  In my ignorance, I was resistant to listen at first and joked with him that I had to hang up as were turning into McDonald’s drive thru for a genetically engineered cheeseburger.  Thank God he was smarter than I and continued to educate me and others.  He always said, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.   Well, I did.  He was right.  Of course.

Actually, his knowledge and truth about the whole subject started with a vision, if you will, from God.   He later told me that God had spoken to his heart and made him aware of what he was eating and the harm it contained.  Being the diligent Believer he was, he listened.  Thank Goodness!  He spent the next 15 years researching and educating about the difference between dead and real, live food.

So, in honor of dad, I continue to try and carry the torch he handed me.  This blog will be a place of research, soul searching, backyard farming and hopefully, the new good old days as I set out to continue learning and educating about our choices for real, live food.  Kind of a food literacy place…Join me and see for yourself.  Bon Appetite’

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