Show & Tell: Chef Gabriel

Look at this smile!  Pure joy and delight.  This is Chef Gabriel happy and hard at work prepping his veggies for his beautiful dish.

I am told he was making pan seared sausage, pan seared vegetables with the sausage fat (the kid understands where flavor comes from!), cooked rice and scrambled eggs.

Here is his finished dish that he calls, “Breakfast Brunch”.

I am blown away at how he plated this.  Everything is centered and on a white plate so the colors of the food are the spotlight.  Someone is teaching you very well!

Then there’s the flower. The flower!  What a gorgeous and thoughtful touch!  Chef Gabriel, you have stole my heart!

Good job, Chef Gabriel!  Keep on cooking, you are making lots of people happy (including yourself)

Thanks for sharing your cooking adventure with me!

Happy Cooking 🙂

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