Kid’s Cooking Contest!

Over and over again, I hear from parents about how much their child LOVES to cook.

Some kids love to cook breakfast, experiment with new recipes, and help with dinner.

But most often, I hear how much they LOVE to bake!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought it would be a great time to let kids who love to cook strut their stuff in the kitchen with a little baking contest held right here on the Cook,Learn,Grow blog.

After an intense meeting with my advisory board mom over categories and how to make it as fair as possible and all that good stuff, here’s the contest detail scoop:

What: Kid’s Cooking Contest – Thanksgiving Desserts
Who:  Kids ages 4-7 and 8-12
When: October 20-Nov 10

How: Submit your child’s very best Thanksgiving Dessert recipe along with one picture of your child working on the dessert and one picture of your child with the finished dessert along with a few words from your child of what they are thankful for.

Email the recipe, 2 pictures and thankfulness to

One winner will be chosen from each age group (4-7 and 8-12) based on the following criteria on the evening of November 11:

  • recipe’s level of difficulty
  • appearance of finished dessert


Prize for this fun kid’s cooking contest is this happy baking set!

Parents are encouraged to join their child in the kitchen to make sure everyone and everything stays safe and sound.  However, please let your child do as much as possible on their own.  I realize that some parents usually “help” their child with things like this but the whole purpose of this is to let kids Cook, Learn, and Grow!  Think of this as great chance for kids to practice their recipe so they can make it for your family holiday gathering!

I can’t wait to see the entries and I plan to post every single one of them during the contest.  It will be kind of like an online kid’s dessert parade 🙂

You have to play to win, so please, please, please let your child join the fun with our first Kid’s Cooking Contest!  Contest opens October 20th.

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