Today in Cooking Class: Tongs

contributed by Samantha Sizemore

Tongs for Kids by William-Sonoma

Have you ever seen your mom or dad using a giant tweezer-like tool when cooking? Most likely they use this giant tweezer to pull noodles out of boiling water, to turn meat over on the grill or pick hot dishes up without burning their hands.

This handy tool is called tongs.

Tongs usually have two long arms with hands on the end for grabbing things. They have a hinge at the bottom, joining the arms together. This makes them similar to giant pinchers! Tongs come in a variety of colors and sizes and so they are perfect for just about any job.

People use tongs for the same reasons that your parents do, to help them avoid getting burned when handling hot things.

You can toss a salad with tongs, pull corn on the cob out of boiling water and even use tongs as a super long hand to help you reach things that are high up on shelves.

But the very best thing about tongs, in my opinion, is that you can play with them too!

Tongs are fun to use as claws when you are pretending you are a crab or lobster. You can use tongs to pick up bugs, rocks and leaves in the garden. You can even pretend that they are a sword when having a pretend fight with your siblings or friends.
Tongs for kids by Williams-Sonoma
You can use tongs to be safe in the kitchen and to have fun. What a cool gadget!

As always, make sure you ask your mom or dad before taking things from the kitchen.

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