Youth Culinary Workshop in Jerusalem

Last April, I received an amazing invitation to teach culinary workshops and lead a restaurant consultation for a small cafe in Israel.  I led classes with Jewish, Christian and Arab teens, teaching them rugelach, strawberry shortcake and fish en papillote.  We laughed, made huge messes and had way too much fun.

The cafe I helped is Etz Cafe- a non-profit cafe that gives young people who come from tough experiences, a chance to gain job skills and get on their feet before launching them into life.  I have to tell you, they were doing an incredible job and didn’t really need much guidance from me, outside of a few minor suggestions.  Those kids young adults are amazing!

At the end of the day, it was food that brought us together.  Bringing peace through food helps everyone unite just a little bit more.  Israel is an amazing place and the youth are savvy and strong, yet soft as creamy butter on the inside.

I invite you to watch a video of the fun we had.

Here’s a taste of Isreal:  Youth Culinary Workshop-Jerusalem


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