Homerun Hot Dogs

Did you see the All-Star MLB game last night?  How cool was that!?  I am not the biggest sports fanatic but out of all the competitive sports, baseball is my favorite!

Last night’s All-Star game was cool for several reasons:

1. Such great and talented players, especially, MVP Mariano Rivera who ended his baseball career on the highest note by being awared MVP.  His next adventure will be pastoring a church in upstate NY.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 12.10.09 PM
2. The game was played at Citi Field in Flushings, NY which is 5 miles from where I once lived.  Here’s a couple of snapshots of my Sunnyside neighborhood during winter.  It was cold!

2009 NYC Winter 013 2009 NYC Winter 017
3. Food!


The famous Shake Shack has a concession booth at Citi Field.  Their burgers are worth the wait!  Shake Shack happens to be owned by Union Square Hospitality Group, my former employer.  I once worked as a rez girl (short for reservationist) at Union Square Cafe.


And last but not least, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs can be found at Citi Field.  If you like food eating competitions, you probably have heard about the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island.

For the love of baseball and hotdogs, I wanted to share an easy, kid-friendly hot dog recipe with you.


Fun and easy to make!  And eat!


Tear a hotdog bun into large chunks.


Do the same with a hotdog (make sure they are fully cooked, ok? ok, thanks!)

DSC_1373 DSC_1375

Next, place pieces of the bun onto a skewer, then pieces of the hotdog and repeat the pattern until skewer is full.  bun, dog, bun, dog, bun, dog…say it with me…bun, dog, bun, dog.  Good job!


When you’re finished skewring and singing the pattern song, drizzle on your favorite condiment.  Mine happens to be mustard.

Make these for your friends, for your family and most of all for the love of baseball!

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