Strawberry Mint Water

The last post I wrote was about strawberries because they were in season.  Guess what, they’re still in season…but not for long.   The season usually goes from April-June for most of Texas.

If you can, buy your fresh strawberries at a farmer’s market.  They are so much sweeter than store bought.  And the smaller ones are usually tastier than the gianormous ones. Either way, now is THE BEST time to eat nature’s candy!


These were at the downtown farmer’s market two weeks ago.  I could smell them from several booths away through the crowd!


I so wish you could smell this picture!

When I finally had time to make something with these lovely berries, I was in the mood to create a seasonal refreshing drink.  So here is what I made:


Using the handle of a wooden spoon, I muddled, or crushed a few mint leaves.


Next, I mashed the strawberries.


mashing, mashing, mashing


then I added some ice,


and some water,


after stirring it around, I poured some through a strainer into a glass of ice.


and enjoyed a refreshing glass of strawberry-mint water.

No chemicals, no preservatives, no junk.  Just simple and delightful flavored water.  You can also make this with other berries or fruit.

Thank you, God, for strawberries, mint and water.  So good!

I will be back at the farmer’s market this coming weekend.  If I find more strawberries, I will share another recipe with you.  Bread, eggs, cream, sugar, vanilla, strawberries, and cream cheese may be involved.  For now, it’s a mystery.  Stay tuned…

Happy Cooking!


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  1. Morgan says:
    July 18, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    Thanks so much for this recipe! Going to try it today! 🙂

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    • Lori says:
      July 22, 2013 at 12:36 PM

      You are welcome! Let us know how it turns out! Happy Summer 🙂

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