Superbowl Sliders

Do you like football?  What about food?  What about football food? I like to call it party food. I heard the Superbowl is coming up so what better time than Superbowl Sunday to share a party food recipe?!  Superbowl Sliders, 1st down on the 10 yard line.

Ready, set, hut.  (do they really say that?…someone please clue me in)

Mise en place (meez ahn place) –  everything in it’s place.

a little of this,

a little of that,

and a little of this & that,

You could use gloves if the idea of touching raw meat sends chills down your spine.
Just a suggestion.

Just like this.  Try covering the baking sheet with foil.  Super easy clean up!

Same thickness means the edges won’t burn.  That’s a good thing 🙂

Just like a Superbowl play…technique is everything.

Make sure you hear a sizzle.  If you don’t, your pan is not hot enough just yet.

Go kind of slow and be careful.  Thanks!

Cheese means extra points. 🙂

Touchdown!  Superbowl Slider!

Here’s the whole team.  Make these, do an end zone dance and eat up.

Happy Cooking 🙂




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