Let’s Get Crackin’

Go figure.  A drop in the bucket. Dog days of summer. Ever heard any of these expressions?  They’re called idioms and people use them in everyday conversations.

My favorite idioms are food idioms.
These are a few of my favorites:

As easy as pie (super easy)
Are you chicken? (scared)
Spill the beans (tell the truth)

Let’s Get Crackin (get busy).
Today, we’re getting busy with how to crack an egg.  Then I’ll show you how to scramble ’em up.
Make sure your hands are clean as a whistle (very clean)

Lightly tap an egg on the edge of a bowl until you have a crack

Working over the bowl, put both thumbs in the crack and push in.

Push in and pull shell apart.

Keep pulling apart, letting the egg fall into the bowl.

If you want to separate an egg, then use the shell to hold the yellow yolk while the clear part (albumen – which is protein and makes you smarter and stronger) falls into the bowl.

Keep pouring the yolk back in forth into the 2 shell halves until all of the clear albumen is in the bowl.  You now have a separated egg; Congratulations!

For these scrambled eggs, I used the whole egg, yolk and all.
Now, whisk ’em all around

You can add a splash of milk or cream for creamy eggs – yum!

Add salt and pepper and whisk some more.
Whisk until eggs are kind of frothy with little bubbles.

Now you can add cheese if you’re that kind of person.  I am that kind of person.

 Heat a nonstick skillet on medium heat for 1-2 minutes and spray with nonstick cooking spray.
Then pour the cheesey egg mixture into the pan.

 Let the egg cook for a few seconds until the edges begin to turn white.


Use a silcone spatula (my favorite kitchen tool) to kind of stir the egg around.
You can see more parts of the egg are turning white.  This happened about 1 minute after putting it in the skillet.

Keep stirring, pushing and pulling the egg around, especially around the edges if you see it turning white.

Looking at the skillet, think of the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 on a clock.

Pull the egg towards the center from those “number positions”

Push and pull the eggs toward the center; this will make a fluffier scrambled egg.

Your egg is almost done; this picture was less than 5 minutes from the beginning.

A good scrambled egg should have a little shine to it.  That means it will be creamy.
If it’s dull, it will be a tad dry. Dry eggs are no fun.

Scrambled eggs are my favorite fast food!  Easy, fast and so tasty!

Before we dismiss, do you know the answer to this:
“How do you drop an egg for ten feet without breaking it?”

If you said, “drop it for eleven feet, it won’t break for the first ten!” then you’re eggxactly right! 🙂

Have a great day!

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