Kid’s zest, chop and learn science in cooking class!

Have you ever eaten the inside of an orange?  Of course you have…who hasn’t?

Did you know you can eat the outside of an orange too?  You didn’t know that?  Well, today is your day!

The outside of the orange peel is call zest.  Z-E-S-T.

Here is an easy, yummy recipe that includes the zest of an orange: Chocolate-Orange Smoothie!

Step 1: Call a friend over and take turns zesting the outside of an orange by rubbing the orange in a downward motion on a zester just like the girl in the picture below.

Step 2: Chop orange segments (the inside of an orange) into bite size pieces

Step 3: Place the orange zest and chopped segments into a blender

Step 4: Add your favorite yogurt (we used vanilla yogurt)

Step 5: Add some chocolate syrup

Step 6: Add a drizzle of honey

Step 7: Ask yourself if the mixture is now a solid or a liquid?  Answer:  Both!  Blend until well mixed and see if you notice any changes?  Does the texture change?  What about the color?  Cooking science is super-cool!

Step 8:  Get out a cup and straw, do a little smoothie dance and slurp to your heart’s delight!

The print out recipe is below; Happy Cooking!








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