Summer in December?

You may be thinking about your Christmas wish list,

or your Hanukkah wish list,


but I am thinking about Summer 2012.

What’s happening then?  Summer Cooking Camp!
The theme will be: American Farmer’s Markets


Why am I posting about Summer in December?
So you can add it to your Christmas or Hanukkah wish list if you live in the Austin, Tx area.

There are some deeeelicious foods at a farmer’s market!  I love all the different colors, shapes, and sizes of food at a farmer’s market.


Chili peppers…(try them in brownies-sounds weird, but it’s really good!)

potatoes and tomatoes…I’m a poet and didn’t know it

Do you like pickles?  Can you do the pickle dance?  Then you should try homemade pickles.

What about herbs?  Remember the pickles above;  they have dill in them!

Ever heard of mint?  You can make strawberry-mint lemonade!

You can even buy your mom some beautiful fresh flowers.  Be sure to give her a hug with the flowers 🙂

Join us this coming summer for a week of Cooking Camp.  You will have tons of fun learning about the growing process of foods, cook seasonal summer foods from different regions of the USA, practice money skills at a camp market, learn about healthy and yummy foods, play food games and maybe even a little composting.

Click here for a short video on more cool foods you can find at a farmer’s market.

If you would like a spot in one the Austin area summer cooking camps, ask your mom or dad to email us for registration information.

Happy Cooking!

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