Santa’s Fruit Roll Up

`Want to make an easy, tasty snack?  Try a fruit roll-up.  Easy and oh so yummy!

Even Santa Claus can make one.  Here he is drizzling honey:

Yea Santa!

If Santa can make a fruit roll up, you can too!

Here’s what you need:

flour tortilla
peanut butter or soybutter
chocolate covered sunflower seeds
paper towel
plastic knife

Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Spread peanut butter or soy butter all over the tortilla…just like spreading mayo on bread

Step 2: Place a slice of banana on the peanut butter near the bottom edge of the tortilla


Step 3: Drizzle honey on top of banana


Step 4: Sprinkle chocolate covered sunflower seeds on top of honey


Step 5: Begin at the bottom edge of the tortilla near the banana and roll like a sushi roll


Step 6: Roll tightly

Step 7: Tah-Dah: a fruit roll up!

Watch this video of some kids making fruit roll-ups.

It’s really easy and you can get creative with the ingredients?  Instead of peanut butter, why not try nutella or strawberry jam?  How else could you change it?

The recipe is below.  Make one and send us a picture with your first name and age and we’ll post it for everyone to see!

Happy Cooking!



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