Secrets…shhh, don’t tell anyone. (a repost)

The Secret is out: Eat to lose weight.

About Me:  I am not a nutritionist. I’m a teacher…and a  career changer to a trained chef with less than 5 years experience at the time of this post.  But that still doesn’t qualify me for this post.  But I am also a girl who has lived what I’m about to write about…losing weight.

Several years ago, I was at my highest weight and subsequently, clothes size.  Being the lazy person that I am who hates to work out, I wanted to lose weight by dieting without dieting.  Nothing out of the norm.  However, I found a life changing program called the Six-Week Body Makeover.  It’s foundation is made from the concept of using food to lose weight.  Ordinary, real food.  The concept is: It’s all about choices and metabolism.   The secret is what, how much and how often we feed our metabolism.   It had such an impact on me that I can’t help but share.  You know, one of those: “got to tell the whole world kind of moments”…

Secret #1:  eat often (the how often part)

Eat every 4-5 hours…start grazing small portions of proteins, complex carbohydrates and fresh yummy veggies.  NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!!  The more you feed your metabolism, the more fat it burns.  (no big secret, just thought I mention that sugar brings our metabolism to a screeching halt!-this has always been my antagonistic arch enemy!  I LOVE LOTS OF SUGAR!)

Secret #2:  eat real food (the what part)

  • No fake butters: use real unsalted -get a butter crock or some kind of cute dish with a cover and leave your real, healthy butter on the counter for true spreadability…just like our grandmothers did!
  • Run as fast as you can from processed food (stuff in a box or plastic)- it’s toxic and there’s no way to be healthy with fake food. Period.
  • Buy Fresh, live fruits & veggies preferably from a local farmer’s market to get full nutrients & ripening benefits.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil on salads and as a finishing touch on anything.
  • Eat greek yogurt- why?  it has less sugar, if any and highest amounts of protein
  • Eat almonds- pure antioxidants and healthy fat (believe it or not, we need fat in our diet)
  • Drink water
  • Eat cold water fish
  • Eat pasture raised chicken and eggs

Secret #3: eat the rainbow (more of the what part)

Eat the colors of the rainbow every day for variety, nutrients and vitamins.

  • Proteins-fish, chicken, turkey, beef, tuna, egg whites and veggies
  • Complex  carbohydrates-any carb that’s not processed: rice, potatoes quinoa, oats, barley, cous cous, etc.
  • Vegetables-any kind, but the green leafy ones have the most antioxidants & health benefits.
  • Fruitany fruit is better than no fruit but try to stick to dark choices like blueberries, grapes, strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, cherries, etc.
  • Water-lots of it.  Sodas, fruit drinks are loaded with sugar and chemicals.  Carbonation makes us swell.
  • Caffeine & Alcohol-love it, but in moderation.  Try not to have caffeine after 3or 4pm.  The tannins in red wine are great antioxidants but be aware that wine actually is a stimulant and can cause restless nights.

Secret #4: Eat smaller portions. (the how much part)

There are so many obvious reasons but to stay with the grazing idea, small portions are key to eating up to 5 times a day and remember: that’s the secret to a happy metabolism.

Food for thought:        Planning is the key to success.

Try this: boil & cool a dozen eggs before you go to bed or while your getting dressed.  Then you have 4 servings of protein on the ready.  For those times when you need a grab and go meal, toss a banana or apple  and 3 boiled eggs in your bag and hit the trail.  (For added help, toss the yolks and eat only the whites)

Keep fresh blueberries and blackberries in your fridge when their in season…you can buy extra and freeze them too!

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