My day yesterday

It started off with me tackling my never-ending to-do list.  So I psyched myself up to deal with receipts, go to “the office” (a corner of my bedroom), look at the God-forsaken pile of receipts that must be sorted, entered, organized, and filed away.  I wonder where the  heck is my intern?  Then I remembered that I don’t HAVE an intern, suddenly feel the urge to barf, leave the room and enjoy my denial.

Then what happened?  (that’s what Case likes to ask when we’re making up stories).  Well, the urge to barf quickly left when I received my contract renewal.  Income is a very good thing!

Then I rewarded myself with a deeeelicious chocolate chip cookie.  They were an apology-gift from the management of my apartment.  There’s been an ongoing “misunderstanding”.  Thankfully, they finally came to their senses and knew just how to receive my forgiveness-COOKIES!  Cookies bring forgiveness.

I still felt the need for rewards.  I’m kinda on the reward system here lately.  Tough job, but somebody has to do it!  To affirm my celebration of my contract renewal…I done went and bought me a new purse.  Not to worry-I bought it at Sam Moon’s for only $25.99.   Uh-mazing store with 3.72million purses, and stuff I don’t have space to list.  You really need to find one in a city near you and go visit.  Affordable, Selection off the charts, Fun Stuff!

I had a partner in crime for the rewards trip, Mary-Bec.  Well, actually her name is Becky.  When I first met  her, I kept calling her by her sister-in-law’s name, Mary, who introduced us.  (sometimes, I seriously think I need memory medicine.) So now, sometimes I just call her Mary-Bec.  She did want me to mention the purpose of her wearing reading glasses on top of her sunglasses; “it’s hell to get old”.  Thanks for sharing, Mary-Bec!

We actually were on a secret mission unrelated to the purse or rewards trip.  More on that later.  Will be fun, stay tuned.

Heading home, I see this road and sky view and remember how blessed I am.  God Bless Texas and hopefully our soon to be new President!

Disclaimer: I don’t normally flaunt my political opinions, but after being traumatized from the last presidential campaign while living in NYC, I’ve kind of changed my mind.

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