Yea, it’s TAKS Test Time!! Woohoo!!

Yea, because this year, instead of being up at the school on my days off making copies and prepping for the BIG test this Spring, I’ve been in the kitchen prepping for weekly cooking classes, the Spring Home & Garden Show and making purple buttercream for a Spring Birthday Party!  I love Spring.  I also love teaching.  After 10 years of teaching public school curriculum, I feel completely blessed to be able to continue teaching and working with kids but on a much happier platform: food literacy.  It has been an amazing journey from that first PreK classroom in 1999 to the cooking classrooms I teach in today.  The kids are still what motivates me and their sheer delight in hands-on learning.  Food, the need to feed ourselves and have a healthy relationship with it will never need a government controlled blanket standard with multiple choice testing.   

 As I go to a different campus every day of the week, I am reminded of the love and hard work poured into each student who walks through those classroom doors.  To my former colleagues, you are on my mind always and  I respect and admire your continued tenacity to do what you do every day regardless of the constraints put on you.  As it has been said many times: “teachers have the opportunity to impact hundreds of lives”  I am humbled to know I have this opportunity. 

Doing whatever it takes to teach kids about food literacy…I am grateful.

Love and butter,


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  1. Joyce says:
    March 11, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    Enjoyed the post. You have become an avid writer my love.

    love mom

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