November’s Menu: It’s all his fault!

So, here I am with 527 projects going on simultaneously while feeling lucky to get 5 hours of sleep because my brain keeps pop, pop, popping with ideas, to-do lists, books to read, things to think about, the past, present and future and why can’t I sleep kind of thoughts.  Last weekend I took a break to hang out with my youngest niece and nephew who are, by the way, the cutest little people I have ever seen besides my older niece and nephews. 

I always have to brace myself when I visit with the little ones because I know that means I have to visit with him-their dad.  Not that he’s a bad guy, he’s just hungry.  Always!  He can give a play by play narrative on every meal he has ever eaten and starts drooling when you mention barbeque, rice, gumbo, and the such.  He prides himself in finding the hottest food spots and being able to share the news.  Or sometimes I’ll get a voicemail from him telling me that ESPN just released their top hamburger restaurants in my city.  He gets this glazed over look in his eyes and so begins the conversation. 

He says, “this is what you need to do…” or “you have got to put soups on your menu, it’s soup season” or “you know what you need to do?…” or “you have to keep this or this on your menu”

What do I look like, a restaurant?

The thing I love about him is not that he loves a good debate or that he is the most stubborn, hard-headed (next to me) person I know, or that he’s bossy (not as much as me, though),  or that I NEVER  HAVE or EVER WILL win the remote control argument, or ever forgive him for always getting me in trouble when he started it (that’s okay, because I used to be bigger than him and I got revenge when I held him down for a tickle punishment), or that we have this long standing difference on our love of certain small towns, or that he is an awesome father and husband to his 2 adorable kiddos and his uber sweet, patient and understanding wife.   It’s none of these.

The thing I love about him is that he loves to critique my food.  No matter what, he is always honest and never holds back.  Yep, I can always count on him for “feed”back. 

So, Chad, I want to personally thank you little brother (he stands 3 inches taller than me and wears a size 15 shoe) for giving me yet more to do with convincing me to put soup on November’s Menu.  People are responding 🙂

Love ya,

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  1. kelli says:
    November 7, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    You know your brother so well! You summed him up quite perfectly!…oh and your ever so precious niece and nephew too 😉

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