Have you ever been so dog-tired that you actually dozed off on your 20 minute commute home? And when you do finally make it home, you hear a knock on the door only to open and find your other half finally making it in.  Well, that’s pretty much how my summer has been.  Super long days filled with super energetic kiddos chomping at the bit to get their hands into the flour, sugar, butter and whatever else we put in front of them.  Yep, these are the days of summer…nothing lazy about these summer days.  Which brings me to the reason of my post; sadness.  With every ounce of exhaustion, I have double the amount of sadness to see the end of these crazy exhausting, amazingly fun days coming very soon. 

It’s been a fun-filled journey meeting all of these Hill Country kiddos; there are some amazing junior chefs in my neck of the woods!  We’ve traveled the globe; spent countless days in the sugar bowl; tried our hands at healthy stuff; ate way too much chocolate and will end the summer in Italy.  Whew; what a memory we’ve made!  Okay, you know me…it’s more than just cooking, it’s all about the kids.  And no matter how hard I try to not let it happen, they always, always find their way in.  They get inside and that’s it; they’re there for good.  So, as always, my heart is fuller than a bowl of risen pizza dough. 

But, all is not sad.  It’s really not over, just going on break for a little bit.  The Fall classes start up mid September and there will be a whole new batch of young chefs; can’t wait! 

A few pics from the past few weeks:



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