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After a brief hiatus from blogging, I am happily back!  It’s been a crazy busy last 2 months with a sneaky suspicion the next several will be the same…bring it on, I say.  You know I started this whole blog-your-brain out thing without a clue of how big the blogosphere is.  Who knew?  People actually get paid to do this-not me, but other people.  I started blogging because of him.  Dad.  If you don’t know the story, it’s in my debut post but here’s the cliff notes version: He taught me about real food; what it meant, how to find/grow it; cook it and pass on the knowledge.  So, I started this blog with the purpose to pay it forward.  The “it” being dad’s lessons and passion about real food.  Sometimes I stray a bit and post about movies, people, stuff…but it’s all good and somehow connects. 

With today being Father’s Day, I felt there was no better day than today to get back to posting.  If dad were here, I would be making him his favorite dessert-Banana Pudding.  Oh how he loved that!  He would be making “the Don Wood Special”-roasting his favorite veggies 🙂  When he would serve that, he would bring the platter to the table with a great big announcement of the menu with a huge proud smile 🙂  I miss that smile.  Dad would be turning 70 this year…wonder what he’s doing right now?  Hmph.  Dancing on streets of gold?  talking to God?  I bet he is eating banana pudding while dancing on streets of gold!  Yep, that’s got to be it. 

This has been an interesting Father’s Day weekend…on Friday, a very special friend sent me a pic of a blooming peace lily.  It’s from a peace lily plant my very special friend kept from my dad’s funeral…from 2007!  My friend has kept that plant alive and healthy and keeps me posted on how it’s doing.  Well, wouldn’t you know the first bloom happened this weekend!  I told my friend, “dad sent a message thru that bloom”.  My friend said, “no doubt!”  After going thru several kleenexes, I was delighted to see the pic.  It’s such a good pic…don’t you think? 



The other interesting Father’s Day “event” was my brother was reconnected with a young girl he helped raise when she was 6 years old.  She’s now 27!  Welcome back to our family Nikki!  We love you 🙂

To all the dad’s out there:  Thank you for doing what you do!  You are our heroes! 

Happy Father’s Day, Dad and to all you Dads!

Have fun making Dad’s Banana Pudding and let me know how it turns out 🙂Dads banana pudding






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