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 opening the hive opening the hiveme & "Scary" in the tomato patchme & “Scary” in the tomato patchStone Barns FarmStone Barns FarmGod's Love We Deliver God’s Love We Deliver

Howdy y’all…last week was really busy.  school is intense, but extremely therapeutic.  last week we worked on stocks & sauces…the essence of french cuisine…yummy!   

Tuesday brought the absolutely most impressive NYC thing: God’s Love We Deliver.  This is an organization that cooks homemade meals every single day and delivers them to homebound, sick people…all thru volunteers.  I had the privlege to volunteer on Tuesday and can tell you that I was more impressed with GLWD than anything I’ve seen so far!  It has impacted me a great deal.    

Saturday was “field trip” day-way fun!  A group of us from school traveled upstate to Stone Barns Farm to a honey/bee keeping workshop.  First of all, the farm is a beautiful piece of land with gorgeous buildings…all owned by the Rockefeller family.  Stone Barns Farm is an agricultural/educational working farm with a mission to promote sustainble living education and bringing awareness to the importance of knowing where your food comes from.  So, you know me, I was all over that.  It’s hot up here…97 degrees yesterday.  I hear it’s hot at home too…ugh!  Speaking of home, keep me posted on the commisioner’s race…I hear it’s getting interesting.  I wonder if I can do absentee voting?    Anyway, this week’s post is short; take care everyone and someone please go eat quesadilla’s at Nopalitos for me  🙂 

Until next time, keep me in your prayers and tell everyone hi for me. 

 Love ya, 

 Lori 🙂

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