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We’ve all had one or will one day.  The time comes when the people you spend the first 16-17 years with say goodbye and choose a new path into life.  A few years down the new path, someone (usually one of the hometown girls) decides it’s time for everyone to come back home for a visit.  So, before you know it, there’s a class reunion in the making.  The search begins and the plans get underway.  It’s always interesting to see who is where, doing what and with who.  There are the friends who change completely on the inside and out and those who have not changed one iota.  My first one was after 5 years from graduating back in 1901 (not really, but it seems that long ago).   There was a small turnout and we met at the local park, laughed, visited and ate to our hearts content.  We had gumbo, potato salad and something sweet i know, i just can’t remember what it was…1901 was a long time ago.  

I’m curious to hear from you.  Think about your class renunion(s) and tell me which one had the best food and what was on the menu? 

Hope to hear from you today.  It’s Thursday, 2 days from the weekend…smile!

Love and Butter,


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